Thursday, August 25, 2016

Clear Ballistic Case Renders Give Great Look at Upcoming LG V20

11:02:00 AM

Case makers often times receive generic 3D images and dimensions of smartphones before they’re released, giving them ample time to manufacturer accessories in time for launch. This can occasionally lead to smartphone designs leaking ahead of their intended unveiling, with the LG V20 possibly being another example of this.

An electronics accessories distributor has posted photos of a clear rugged case for the upcoming LG V20, with the phone nestled inside. The render of the LG V20 lines up perfectly with previous leaks we’ve seen of the phone. You’ll notice the speaker grill, secondary display, and camera shutter button (or is that the module release button?) are all where they should be.

 Also worth noting, although it appears the back of the phone has a perforated look to it (like the original Galaxy S5), that’s actually from the case — not the phone itself. We’re still trying to figure out what’s going on with the bottom bezel area but if rumors hold true, it can be detached to make way for a handful of modular accessories that will presumably launch alongside the phone (just like we saw with the LG G5).
Now, we’re not saying this is for sure the phone we’ll see unveiled on Sept 6th in San Francisco, but it seems convincing enough. What do you guys think?
Source : Petra

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Google Bringing WiFi Assistant, Once a Project Fi Exclusive, to All Nexus Devices

10:54:00 AM

Google’s Project Fi which was opened to all users since March comes with a WiFi Assistant feature that allows you to automatically and securely connect to open WiFi networks. The feature that was exclusive to Project Fi users will now be available for all Nexus devices.
These open WiFi networks are verified by Google and are reliable. WiFi Assistant uses a Google VPN to try and secure the connection. The WiFi Assistant app will be available for Nexus devices running Android Lollipop 5.1 or higher and these devices will not require a subscription to the wireless service. Users won’t be required to sign in or set up accounts to access the WiFi.

In order to enable WiFi Assistant will have to head over to the Android Settings app> Google>Networking. You can then toggle the feature on and off

Google says the tool can help improve average connection speeds and lower monthly data consumption, regardless of which wireless carrier provides cellular service to the phone. The Google WiFi Assistant is available to Nexus devices in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the U.K. and Nordic countries. Google says it will roll out over the next few weeks.
Source : +Nexus

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

[Update : Nexus 5X]Android 7.0 Nougat Factory Images Are Now Available

10:47:00 PM

Android 7.0 Nougat Factory Images Are Now Available

Google officially released Android 7.0 Nougat yesterday, but many have been left to rely on either enrolling in the Android beta program, or just waiting for the OTA to arrive. Now, Google has started posting the factory images for compatible Nexus devices.

Surprisingly, not all the capable devices have seen the update yet, as the Factory Images landing page only features the download for the following:
  • Nexus 6P: Coming soon
  • Nexus 5X: NRD90M
  • Nexus 6: Coming soon
  • Nexus Player: NRD90M
  • Pixel C: NRD90M
  • Nexus 9 (LTE): Coming soon
  • Nexus 9 (Wi-Fi): NRD90M
The Nexus 6, Nexus 5X, and Nexus 6P still have yet to see the factory image download, but we’re sure it’s just a matter of time. In the mean time, be sure to check out everything that’s new in Android 7.0 Nougat, including the new emoji’s that have come with Unicode 9.0.

If you want to get your supported device up to date, head to the Google Developers page to download the appropriate Factory Image. Remember to follow the flashing instructions to the “T” to avoid any risks or boot-loops while trying to update your device before Google starts seeding.
Links:  Factory Images | OTA .zip files

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Monday, August 22, 2016

Android 7.0 Nougat Is Rolling Out Today On Nexus Devices, Sorry Nexus 5 Users

10:48:00 PM

Today, Google releases new version of Android, but the company is breaking with tradition this year they usually release Nexus devices as well but oh well. Android 7.0 Nougat is rolling out as an over the air update starting today. The update is available to anyone using the Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X and Nexus 6 phones as well as the Nexus 9 and Pixel C tablets. It's also coming to the Nexus Player set-top box and the General Mobile 4G Android One smartphone. Unfortunately there is no update for Nexus 5 which is understandable.

If you've been using the Android 7.0 open beta, you won't notice a ton of differences here. Google rolled out a very stable version of that beta software back at I/O in May, and it has served as a solid template for the final version coming out today.

The new features of Android Nougat aren't exactly a surprise at this point, but they're worth reviewing as the OS rolls out more widely. Probably the two biggest user-facing changes are new notifications and a multi-tasking mode. Notifications are now grouped by app in the notification shade; you can pull down on any app's alerts to get the full list. You can also reply directly from notifications, something that iOS has actually had for longer than Android.
Multi-window multitasking lets you run two apps side-by-side, just like you can on the iPad when running iOS 9. This multitasking mode will probably be most useful on tablets like the Pixel C, but it works on smartphones as well -- and the experience is a lot better than we originally expected.
Nougat also has a bunch of small tweaks that make getting around the OS generally and more personalized to you. The quick settings menu can now be customized to include the things you access the most, and double-tapping the multitasking button switches you between the two more recent apps you've used.

Doze mode, a battery-saving measure introduced last year in Android Marshmallow, has also been tweaked. Previously, Doze would put your phone into a lower-energy mode when the screen was off and the phone wasn't moving, but now it's smart enough to stay in low-power mode even when you're moving around (say, if your phone is tucked in your pocket or backpack).
Perhaps less immediately useful but no less significant is how Android Nougat will handle software updates. If you're running a "new" Android device with Nougat, software updates will install in the background and be present when you reboot your phone -- there's no more waiting with your phone totally locked up while new software installs. But it looks like only devices released from this point forward will have this feature. Current Nexus devices will benefit from much faster software updates, but it'll still be in the old fashion where your phone reboots and is unable to be used during installation.

Most significantly, there are 72 new emoji available in Nougat. Get to texting. There are a lot more new features to be found in Nougat, but these are the ones that most users will want to use as soon as the update hits their phones. Unfortunately, it might be a little bit before that happens -- in classic Google fashion, the update will be rolling out "in the coming weeks."
Here is the official changelog if anyone is wondering :

  • Expanded emoji: There are now over 1,500 different emoji built into Android, including 72 new ones, so go ahead: express yourself.
  • Quick Settings controls: Quick Settings gives you easy access to things like bluetooth, WiFi and the all-important flashlight. With Android Nougat, you can actually control what tiles go where, and move ‘em around to fit your needs.
  • Multi-locale support: Apps can tailor their content based on your locale settings. So if you speak multiple languages, for instance, then search engines can show results in each of those languages.
  • Multi-window: Run two apps side-by-side. The windows are resizable, too, by simply dragging the divider.
  • Direct Reply: Reply directly to notifications without having to open any app.
  • Bundled notifications: See what’s new at a glance with bundled notifications from individual apps. Simply tap to view each alert.
  • Notification controls: When a notification pops up, just press and hold to toggle the settings. For instance, you can silence future alerts from an app in the notification itself.
  • Lockscreen wallpaper: You can now have different wallpapers on your device's homescreen and lockscreen.
  • Improved Settings navigation: Find the right setting faster with an updated navigation menu in Settings.
  • Quick Switch: Switch between your two most recently used apps by simply double tapping the Overview button.
  • Vulkan: Games will now leap to life thanks to high-speed, next-generation graphics — all powered by your device’s multi-core processor.
  • Daydream: Android Nougat is ready to transport you to virtual worlds with Daydream-ready phones, headsets and controllers — all coming later this year.
  • Seamless updates: New Android devices with Nougat can install software updates in the background which means you won't have to wait while your device installs the update and optimizes all your apps for the new version. And for current Nexus users, software updates now install much faster, so you won't have to wait for minutes while your device reboots.
  • File-based encryption: Android Nougat can better isolate and protect files for individual users on your device.
  • Direct Boot: Direct Boot helps your device startup faster, and apps run securely even before you unlock your device when your device reboots.
  • Improved system backup coverage: More device settings are covered by Android Backup, including accessibility settings, run-time permissions for apps, Wi-Fi hotspot settings and Wi-Fi network restrictions.
  • Work mode: Work mode allows you to turn on and off your device's work apps and notifications for a better work, life balance.
  • Display size: Not only can you change the size of the text on your device, but the size of all the display elements like icons and images.

Source : Android

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

[APK] Google’s Duo Video Chat App Is Here

6:08:00 PM

Google has unveiled a no-frills video-calling app called Duo, that works across Android and Apple’s iOS.
Already previewed earlier this year alongside a new messaging app called Allo, Duo will roll out over the next few days but you can sideload it on Android via installing the APk from below.

Google's Duo is pretty simple. Duo users identify themselves via their phone numbers, and Google claims their calls will keep going when they switch between cellular networks and Wi-Fi connections.
“Video calls connect quickly and work well even on slower networks,” the company wrote in a blog post.
“Call quality adjusts to changing network conditions to keep you connected—when bandwidth is limited, Duo will gracefully reduce the resolution to keep the call going smoothly.”
Interestingly, a feature called “Knock Knock” lets the call recipient see live video of the person who’s calling, before they choose to answer (or not).

Google said all the calls over Duo are encrypted end-to-end. This already sets the app apart from Google’s established Hangouts service, which also provides a degree of encryption but not enough to stop calls being tapped. End-to-end encryption makes it impossible for even Google to intercept the contents of communications.

Allo will also have end-to-end encryption as a feature, but it won’t be enabled by default, a fact that has irked privacy advocates.

Will Duo be attractive for consumers? Hangouts was more of a hit in the enterprise, apparently, so Google isn’t risking a huge amount of cannibalization. Apple’s Facetime is a clear competitor, but that service doesn’t work on Android, which limits it a great deal. That leaves the really big competitors being Facebook Messenger, Microsoft’s Skype and soon Facebook’s WhatsApp, too.

Whether it’s successful or not, though, it’s clear that Google is trying to go down the Facebook path of breaking up its apps into distinct use cases, rather than trying to bundle everything up in one package.

Duo doesn’t do text chat, it doesn’t do group calls, and it doesn’t include silly filters. It basically just does one thing, and everything rides on it doing that one thing well.
Here is the link to download the Google Duo, you can download the app from Play store as well from APKMirror :

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Saturday, August 13, 2016

[Download] New Ringtones And Notification Sounds From 2016 Nexus Phones

10:13:00 AM

If you can’t wait for the 2016 Nexus phones from Google to get your hands on some new sounds, it’s now possible to download the notification alert sounds as well as the ringtones from the 2016 Nexus devices. 

You can download the files from below and once you downloaded those files, you will need to put them into the right folder so that you can select them. If you are on mobile simply open a file manager app and copy the files from the downloads folder into where the other ringtones and notification sounds are stored. 
Tell us which one is your favorite in the comments!

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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

[Leaked] Official Android 7.0 Nougat Bootanimation

11:34:00 PM

We saw this random video on Google+ uploaded by TECHAERIS, what they claim to be the Android Nougat boot animation that will be on the new HTC Nexus Marlin and possibly the HTC Nexus Sailfish devices. 

Now this can be an animated thing or a placeholder boot animation or it could be the real deal, we can’t confirm anything yet.TECHAERIS confirms that their source got screenshots to prove they were in possession of Nougat files but asked not to publish those to keep their identity secure. 

The animation is very smooth and slick compared to old ones and has a sound at the end, take a look :

What do you think? Does this look legit? Let us know your thoughts and comments on this Android Nougat boot animation for Nexus below. Or hit us up on Twitter, Facebook and Google+! 

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Samsung’s New Gear VR Supports Micro USB and USB Type-C, 101 Degree Viewing

11:01:00 PM

Along with the new Galaxy Note 7 today, Samsung announced a revamped version of the Gear VR. Significant changes include a jet black design, USB-C (with backwards micro-USB compatibility), and a wider field of view. 

The headset will cost $99 and ship on August 19th.   In response to glare that interfered with the immersive VR experiences, Samsung swapped out the white plastic of the original Gear with a darker black finish inside and outside the device. 

The field of view has been increased to 101-degrees from 96-degrees and the side trackpad has been redesigned. While Samsung switched to a grooved trackpad last generation, it is now flat again, with a new physical menu button next to the back button.  The internal connector in the headset is now USB-C and compatible with the new Note 7. However, there is also an included microUSB adaptor to allow older devices to buy and use the new Gear. The adaptor has to be swapped out with a locking mechanism to keep it secure when in usage. 

Another USB-C port replaces the microUSB one found on the bottom of the headset. In addition to charging, it can also be used to transfer data and for other accessories.  Pre-orders for the device begin tomorrow at $99 with the device shipping on August 19.

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Samsung Announces the Galaxy Note 7 With 5.7 Inch Display, Iris Scanner And New S Pen

10:53:00 PM

Samsung has today finally taken the wraps off its much-leaked Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phablet. The phone, packing much the same internal specifications of its Samsung Galaxy S7 edge brother, is mostly differentiated by its larger size and of course the addition of the long-rumored iris scanner for unlocking the device.

As for the device’s specs, here are they : 

OSAndroid 6.0.1
Display5.7" Quad HD dual edge Super AMOLED
ProcessorUS: Snapdragon 820 Quad Core (2.15GHz Dual + 1.6GHz Dual), 64 bit, 14 nm process
International: Octa core (2.3GHz Quad + 1.6GHz Quad), 64 bit, 14 nm process
Storage64GB internal, microSD support up to 256GB
CameraRear: 12MP Dual Pixel, f/1.7
Front: 5MP, f/1.7
Fast Charging on wired and wireless
Wireless Charging compatible with WPC and PMA
Dimensions153.5 x 73.9 x 7.9mm
OtherBluetooth 4.2, 802.11/a/b/g/n/ac WiFi, USB Type-C, NFC, 3.5mm headphone jack, S Pen, Fingerprint Sensor, Heartrate Monitor, MST
Dust and Water ResistanceIP68
BandsMain 2G CDMA: CDMA800, USPCS1900
Main 2G GSM: GSM850, GSM900, DCS1800, PCS1900
Main 3G CDMA: BC0(800), BC1(1900), BC10(800)
Main 3G UMTS(WCDMA): B1(2100), B2(1900), B4(AWS), B5(850), B8(900)
Main 3G TD-SCDMA: B34(2010), B39(1880)
Main 4G LTE FDD: B1(2100), B2(1900), B3(1800), B4(AWS), B5(850), B7(2600), B8(900), B12(700), B13(700), B17(700), B18(800), B19(800), B20(800), B25(1900), B26(800), B29(700), B30(2300)
Main 4G LTE TDD: B38(2600), B39(1900), B40(2300), B41(2500)
ColorsBlack, Silver, Blue, Gold

It was long-debated (there were definitely prototypes of flat devices), but it appears that indeed Samsung is only bringing one edged version of the phone to the United States. That’s a first for Samsung’s Note line and a natural next-step as the edge display was first shown off on the Note line in the form of the Note Edge. That initial concept only had an edge on one side, but the idea went on to make the very successful dual-edge Galaxy S6 edge and S7 edge. 

Now it’s back on the Note line.  There’s also the S Pen that has long been available on the Note line (this one doesn’t go in backwards and fatally damage your device), and with that comes new features as well. The pen has water resistance, and Samsung says today that it’s a lot more pressure sensitive: 4,096 levels of sensitivity over the 2,048 from previous models. As we reported, Samsung is also launching its Samsung Cloud competitor to iCloud with this device. 
In case you want to know the difference between Note 5 and Note 7
The phone is going to be somewhere in the range of $770-$800 depending on which carrier you go with. Samsung says that an unlocked version of the phone will be coming later in the year. You’ll be able to get the Note 7 in black, blue, and silver in the US, with a free 256GB microSD card or a Gear Fit 2.

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[Download] These May be the Nexus 2016 Wallpapers

1:06:00 PM

Following news of the Nexus Launcher, the new wallpapers that will debut with this year’s Marlin and Sailfish Google devices have leaked (via Android Police). In addition to 15 static images, Google is also working on a number of new live wallpapers with varying animations and functions that will launch with the new Nexus devices.   

The functional live wallpapers sound familiar to an Android Experiment released by the Google Creative Lab last year. Meter shows battery status, Wi-Fi, and more through interactive, updating wallpapers. 

Support for live wallpapers launched early in Android’s history, but have long been neglected by Google. Third-party developers have released a number of live wallpapers, but last year’s Nexus 5X and 6P are devoid of them.  The Sailfish and Marlin have similar specs to one another with the same quad-core processor, 4GB of RAM, and a 12MP rear camera. The former device is a successor to the Nexus 5X with a 5-inch 1080p screen, while the latter has a 5.5-inch 2560 x 1440 screen. 

Storage starts at 32GB with a possible 128GB option on the Marlin. Battery capacity is at 2,770mAh and 3,450mAh, respectively.  Like in recent years, a majority of the 15 wallpapers are nature and landscape themed with a splattering of a new element wallpapers. It’s possible that a future update to the Google Now Launcher will eventually bring these wallpapers to existing devices. 
Note : In order to speed up the article we compress the images, but you can get the full resolution images from this link :

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[Update: APK][Leaked] ‘Nexus Launcher’ Will Get A Redesigned App Drawer And No Search Bar

12:35:00 PM

Updated : APK at the bottom.
A number of rumors have suggested that Google is working on a new launcher for this year’s upcoming Nexus devices and a new leak gives a look at what we could expect. Android Police today has shared screenshots that show a significantly new look to the homescreen and launcher that could possibly launch and be limited to this year’s new Nexus devices.   

According to the screenshots, the app drawer is no longer accessed by a button on the Favorites tray. Rather, users can pull up the drawer by sliding up a frosted Favorites tray or by tapping an app arrow icon just above it. Five app icons now fit on the tray and the drawer itself has been slightly redesigned with a button on top to search apps. The white app drawer also shows the status bar icons in black, like many other Google apps are moving towards today. Google also appears to be returning to app folder design first seen in the N Developer Preview 2.  

The iconic Google Search bar has been removed from the homescreen in favor of an immovable date widget that is right aligned. As the screenshots are from a device not running the new Google Assistant, the old Search bar appears when tapping the multi-colored ‘G’ icon to the left.  

Folks at Android Police speculates, that the removal of the search widget is a move by Google to push users to Assistant/Now on Tap. The final interface could end up looking like the Now on Tap toolbar that pops up when the feature is triggered on the homescreen. These shortcuts to create new reminders, events, etc. and nearby locations could possibly be rebranded as part of the Assistant. 
The rumored multi-colored on-screen buttons would also fit into this design.  This design is subject to change and still missing a large portion that is the Google Assistant. It’s currently unknown of the launcher will definitely be limited to Nexus devices or just this year’s model.

Update : We now have the APK of the launcher, you can install it on Developer Preview as well as on Marshmallow and other version. Here is the APK : NexusLauncher
Update 2 : Sometimes swiping to the left for Google Now doesn't work, so you need to flash this file to get it right it has libs files : NexusLauncher (Flashable)
Update 3 : For those who are having Force close or issues with changing wallpapers here is the WallpaperPicker apk.
Thank you Anunay Sharma, The Clashster, Syazwan Ahmad and Antonio Luciano!
Source : Android Police

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